1 adjective (only before noun) spoken used to show that you are angry or annoyed with someone or something: I can't get this damn button undone! 2 adverb (+ adj/adv) spoken
1 used to emphasize how good something is, how bad something is etc; very: We've been so damn busy all day, I'm shattered! | It's damn cold in here. | damn good/fine etc: He was damn lucky he didn't have an accident.
2 damn well used to emphasize how determined or sure you are about something: I damn well will go, and I'd like to see anyone try and stop me!
3 know damn well used to say that someone definitely knows something, especially when you are angry: Chris knew damn well we wanted to leave at 8. Where the hell is he?
4 damn all especially BrE nothing at all: Make him wash the dishes, there's damn all else he's good for.
3 interjection used to show that you are very annoyed or disappointed: Damn! I've forgotten the keys. 4 noun spoken
1 not give a damn used to show that you do not care about something: I don't give a damn about her.
2 not worth a damn used to say that you think something has no value at all: Her promise isn't worth a damn.
5 verb (T)
1 damn you/them/it etc spoken used to show that you are extremely angry with someone or something: Damn you! If you think you can do this to me, you're wrong!
2 to state that something is very bad: The critics damned the play on the first night. | damn with faint praise (=show that you think someone or something is very bad by only praising them a little)
—see also (as) near as damn it near 2 (5)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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